About Soul to Sole

Megan Frige has been a qualified Reflexology Practitioner since 2009. Her belief is that feet and hands are a mirror of the body. Working the feet or hands using massage and pressure to specific reflex points in turn works corresponding areas within the body. As the feet or hands are massaged so in turn the whole body is treated.

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy which offers a number of benefits including: improving circulation; releasing stress & tension; promoting relaxation as well as dealing with specific conditions such as hormonal imbalances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and infertility.

To enhance and assist with the body's emotional needs and emotional wellbeing Megan is also a qualified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. Bach Flowers are well-known remedies that restore vitality, positivity and calm. The remedies are derived from the natural healing properties of plants and can contribute to health, emotional balance and well-being. There are thirty-eight remedies in the Complete Bach Flower Collection that can be drawn upon to help symptoms such as stress, anxiety, anger or loneliness. Remedies can help with negative feelings such as low mood or feeling unhappy or irritable. Bach Flowers are particularly helpful with managing or improving health issues, such as sleep problems and the menopause, often where other treatments have not been successful. Remedies can be used as a single essence, or more than one essence can be professionally blended depending on your personal needs.

Reflexology and Bach Flower remedies can help address a wide range of physical and emotional needs and are also a wonderful way for you to enjoy some "me" time and a fabulous way to relax.

Megan completed her training at The Maureen Burgess School of Reflexology. After qualifying she became a member of the Association of Reflexology.

Whatever your needs may be, Megan will enhance your vitality & well-being the natural way...